An Epidemic Prevention and Control Drill was Conducted to Prepare for a New Term
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    On the morning of March 27, 2020, an epidemic prevention and control drill was conducted in the campus of the High School Attached to NWNU, aiming at verifying that various plans related to the epidemic prevention and control are scientific, reasonable and operational. Through the drill, the staffs in the school could be familiar with every procedure and are able to find some problems and tackle them as early as possible. Besides, the drill can help to enhance the staffs’ emergency response capacity and ability in practice in terms of epidemic prevention and control, which can provide a guarantee for the safety of all the students and teachers as well as the smooth running of the school when the new term starts.
    School leaders participating in the drill included Jia Jinyuan, the Principal of the High School Attached to NWNU, Vice-principal Gou Xiaofeng, Vice-principal Jing Xiaomin, Zhou Aizu, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, and Vice-principal Sun Xiaochun. The event is presided over by Zhou Aizu with all administrative staffs and relevant people involved in the epidemic prevention and control work presented.
    Before the drill, Jia Jinyuan gave a pep talk, stressing that the drill should be conducted strictly in accordance with the operation requirements issued by some relevant departments and the attention should be mainly put on how to verify the practical effects of some key steps in the epidemic prevention and control work for the preparation of a new term so as to find out problems timely and deal with them in advance.

    The drill was conducted around a series of key steps, including disinfection and sterilization in public places, lining up, taking temperature and dispersing the crowd, putting someone in abnormal conditions into quarantine, retesting, reporting, how to respond with emergencies, off-peak dining, along with the disposal of food waste and anti-epidemic waste. All the involved steps were recorded and measured on the site with operational procedures, time control, site layout and emergencies included so as to make further improvement.
    The purpose of the drill was not only to test over ten epidemic prevention and control plans made for the new term, including the Prevention and Control Plan of the High School Attached to NWNu for Routine Work such as Office work and Teaching During the COVID-19 Epidemic, but also to offer an operational training for all faculties. Through the drill, some procedures were optimized, the operating efficiency of certain steps was improved and the coordination ability between different departments or offices was strengthened, laying a solid practice foundation for the school to start a new term.



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